TOFU (tofu capitalised)

in collaboration with Amberlyn Lai

TOFU (tofu capitalised) was originally conceptualised as a sculptural installation which contrasts the idea of the ‘commercial product’ (packaged tofu zine), with the ‘body’ (exposed fresh tofu). The double image draws out the tension between the assembly line, as the capitalist drive of continuous expectation of output, and the abused tofu heap, as the actual manifestation of trauma to bodies which the capitalist process creates.

Digital renders of self-published zine in custom tofu packaging

125 (L) x 88 (W) x 45 (H) cm


For the event of Goldsmiths Oriental M-art’s online launch, TOFU (tofu capitalised) has been adapted to present a concurrent launch to unveil the project’s tofu zine. See the Goldsmiths Oriental M-art's online exhibition here.

The tofu zine is currently in the process of being stocked. Please leave your name below on our reservation list so we can update you once they are in stock.

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